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Olga Vayshbein

I am an artist, illustrator.


In my works, I use monotype technique combined with manual drawing. For me the monotype is a form of interaction with the Universe. The initial stains are accidental, which are slowly taking shape, life of their own and individuality. As a result, they begin to convey my feelings and the story I aspire to tell. Sometimes I am the one who decides what comes out of the stain and sometimes it is the stain that dictates to me the image that will be created out of it.


My works are interactive and reminiscent of a Rorschach test. The Rorschach test makes it possible to analyze various personality characteristics and behavioral functions. The test can examine emotions, self-perception, ability to interpret reality, strength versus weakness, and etc. 

A stain serves as a paradigm of emotional states, a transformation of the subconscious, the sublimity of depth of the mind.

The same image I created displays differently for every viewer on the full emotional spectrum. One will see in them only the playful image or a cute story, the other will discover for themselves what is hidden in the depth of the abyss, frightening and absorbing the light. Between the innocence and the horror, my drawings allow viewers to identify with the works and recognize themselves in them.



B.Sc.T.E. Design in Tel Aviv University

(Holon Institute of Technology)



Studying in art school

Simferopol, Crimea

Some of Latest Exhibitions


The 23rd Israeli Art Exhibition

Bank Hapoalim



YAHAD: together

Warehouse XI

Boston, US


20 years for the Union of Professional Artists in Israel.

Menachem Begin Center


Professional Bio:

2020 member of Israel Professional Artists Association.

2016 active member of an artist's group DUCK & DODO.

2016 LIS IT IS! co-founder of illustration and crafts studio.

2007 founder of graphic design studio.


"Monsters", an exhibition of posters

in 60 light boxes in the alleys

Old Jaffa


What’s up at home

The Negev Museum of Art

Beer Sheva


40 weeks of us

Hostel Abraham

Tel-aviv, Illustration week 2019


Why am I still a feminist?

Hostel Abraham

Tel-aviv, Jerusalem


I still don’t see any difference

Hostel Abraham



70 artist selebrating 70 years for Israel  -

Three rivers art project in cooperation
with  studio "Elbaz Israel - New York",

Hudson Gallery



Monstrosity: Inside and Out

Omer Tiroch Gallery (OMTA)

Old Jaffa

+972 547 303 115   |

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