Olga Vayshbein

I am an artist, illustrator.

My works are mostly reflections of my relationship with my surroundings – with my family, my partner, my children and thus they represent all my fears, hopes and the philosophy of life and death.
I chose the monotype technique because it conveys my mental state the most accurate way. Shades of black and white and all in between half tones and undertones, as well as contrasts and delicateness help me ideally in reflecting my vision of the surrounding world. There is also some interaction with the Universe, because my monotype at the beginning of the process goes on paper randomly and only then turns into something animated and meaningful, in response to my current state and mood.
Often, I am completely in charge of the working process, but sometimes my work leads me.
Black ink gives rise to a new creature (new life) on a white sheet of paper, and this magical feeling of creation inspires me and makes me want to create further.
In my works, I combine monotype and drawing with a pencil or an ink pen, and in some works I use a computer to combine my drawings and to create collages.



B.Sc.T.E. Design in Tel Aviv University

(Holon Institute of Technology)



Studying in art school

Simferopol, Crimea

Professional Bio:

2016 became a member of an artist's group DUCK & DODO.

2016 LIS IT IS! co-founder of illustration and crafts studio.

2007 founder of graphic design studio.

Latest Exhibitions


What’s up at home

The Negev Museum of Art

Beer Sheva


40 weeks of us

Hostel Abraham

Tel-aviv, Illustration week 2019


Why am I still a feminist?

Hostel Abraham

Tel-aviv, Jerusalem


I still don’t see any difference

Hostel Abraham



70 artist selebrating 70 years for Israel  -

Three rivers art project in cooperation
with  studio "Elbaz Israel - New York",

Hudson Gallery



Monstrosity: Inside and Out

Omer Tiroch Gallery (OMTA)

Old Jaffa

+972 547 303 115   |   olymagic@gmail.com

Copyright © 2018 by Olga Vayshbein. All rights reserved. Pieces or any portion thereof may not be copied, reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author.